Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, if you cannot register yourself due to a physical or other disability then your spouse or another dependent can act in your stead to register and intake you into our system.
If you just need help completing the registration, your spouse should help register, and you should sign. If your spouse to acting on your behalf and you are not participating directly, your spouse should sign up as the claimant, showing you as the Veteran.

When you register, we verify you are a Veteran with the VA and submit a power of attorney (PoA) on your behalf. After VA approves it, we download your cfile and review it. We will contact you by email or phone to have a meeting. If we mutually agree to proceed, a contract will be send for approval and payment of any flat fees. We will begin work on your contentions at that time. If we don't mutually agree to proceed, we will promptly remove representation.

Yes. The primary attorney or agent supervising work on your case is accredited with VA. Other staff may, may not be accredited, and if not, work under the accredited party on your behalf. This is consistent with requirements of Federal Law.

Yes. Many Veterans do not need a nexus letter to achieve their goals, however if necessary, we have a large network of qualified board-certified medical experts that will be glad to review your file and write a medical opinion on your behalf.

Yes. An accredited representative can represent Veterans anywhere in the world.