C&P Examinations: Lay Testimony

Examiner's Requirement to Review and Respond to Lay Testimony

Medical Examiners have specific requirements and restrictions, learn about the legal requirements in this comprehensive article.

Medical Opinions

The requirements to be considered valid

Medical Opinions can make or break your case. Learn more about the requirements of a valid medical opinion.


But the evidence was in my service records

The VA can make a mistake and completely ignore evidence in your service records. Learn how to get your contention approved.

Lay Statements: Facts

The importance of lay statements

Lay statements, or written testimony by a non-expert is important. Learn how important in this article!

Implicit denials

When your unclaimed contention is denied

Learn about how raters frequently make mistakes when reviewing medical records and why it matters to you.

Fact Evidence

The Power of Written Testimony

Written testimony is one of the most powerful pieces of evidence in a Veteran's disability case. In this article we discuss the legal definitions and case law surrounding written testimony.

Sleep Apnea: Myths and Truths

Straight Talk about Plausible VA Service Connections

Sleep apnea claims are full of myths and fallacies. In this article, we address the myths and fallacies and discuss the best ways to approach service connection.